This Little Light of Mine - Selfie

I'm a natural light, on location photographer, serving Hampton Roads Virginia, northeast North Carolina and the surrounding areas. I specialize in fine art landscape photography. My true passion is finding those rare moments when Mother Nature transforms our world with her beautiful light. It’s those moments that really drive me to get out of my comfortable bed so early in the morning.

My goal is to create uplifting images to promote a better appreciation for our natural world. Living in the country gives me the opportunity to shoot vast open skies which has transformed my view of the world. As a direct result, I have become fascinated with making panoramas that capture more of Mother Nature’s colorful appeal. This is a challenge that I enjoy because it forces me to view the scene in its entirety rather than a single frame image. I’ve found it takes a bit of imagination to view the world as a 360 degree scene. Mark Twain said it best, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” It’s about learning to see in a new way.

My love for travel has opened my artistic eye to the unlimited boundaries of landscape photography. Traveling is a passion of mine in itself and photography brings that passion to life that allows me to really look at things; to engage with the wind, clouds, tide, sun, moon, seasons, and to begin to understand them. Whether trekking through the backwoods of North Carolina, enduring the challenges of the seasons, or feeling the thrill of exploring, I try to convey the awe-inspiring moments of light and time by creating a visual story that inspires, evokes emotion, and rekindles the natural spirit.


- Photo printed in National Geographic: Secrets of the National Park book (Reflection at Sunrise Jenny Lake; page 162)

- Double feature publication in Our State Magazine, May 2015

- Image featured in Our State Magazine, May 2015

- Photo published on Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly

- Arts of the Albemarle featured artist in the 516 gallery the month of August 2013 and October 2015

- Virginia Beach Public Library featured artist the month of October, 2014 

- 1st Place in Wild Landscapes for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, January 2017

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